Send us your Marine Debris!

Many volunteers will be cleaning up debris for the International Coastal Cleanup September 25. I am creating a database of the “average” weight of various debris items, so I need your debris! If you are willing to send marine debris (I cannot fund the shipping at this time) to be weighed in a scientific research project, please send a bucket or large zip-loc baggie full of marine debris along with a piece of paper that has:
1) The date it was collected
2) The beach/location it was collected at
IMPORTANT, I must have the above information or I will not be able to include it in the database. Also note, debris will not be returned. Also, I can only handle U.S. Debris at this time.
Ship to:
Jenna Jambeck
University of Georgia
412 Driftmier Engineering Center
Athens, GA  30602
Phone: 706-542-6454
Any questions, feel free to email me at jjambeck(at)
Thank you so much for your contribution to science and to the study of marine debris!
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