Jambeck Research Group Laboratory

The Jambeck Research Group is a part of the College of Engineering at UGA and is housed in its own Laboratory in Driftmier Engineering Center on the Athens Campus. The laboratory currently contains typical waste and water analysis equipment for both field and laboratory use including:


  • Hach Spectrophotometer
  • Jerome Meter
  • Landtec GEM-2000
  • YSI Multi-probe (pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity, Ammonia, Chloride)
  • Accumet pH/temperature probe
  • COD Reactor
  • Nanopure filtration system
  • Dionex Ion Chromatograph
  • TCLP Rotators
  • Flux chambers
  • Computers
  • Breadboards and LabView software for monitoring bioelectrochemical systems

The laboratory is also connected to the Water Quality Analysis Laboratory, so extensive resources are available for characterizing liquids as well. The Jambeck Research Group also has use of facilities and equipment within the College of Engineering, as listed on the website. This expands the capability of the lab to conduct analyses such as thermogravimetric analysis and biochemical methane potential.

Jambeck Research Group Laboratory