The Jambeck Research Group primarily works in the new Circularity Informatics Lab in the I-STEM 2 Building at the University of Georgia (UGA) with many amenities and specific collaboration spaces. The CIL has over 2,000sf of  collaborative space. There are areas for in-person group meetings, video conferencing capabilities for virtual and hybrid meetings. CIL also contains a packaging material archive and the “Found Ocean and River Object Museum” (FOROM), along with a comprehensive library of materials on environmental engineering, environmental health, and information from many cities around the world. This library also contains a showcase of examples of objects for discussion related to the optimization of city circularity (e.g., current items commonly in use and various alternatives as discussion points).

The I-STEM 2 Building is a $64M, 101,000 sq. ft. building featuring three levels of open lab space and an 88-seat classroom. Paired with the 100,000 sq. ft. I-STEM 1, I-STEM 2 optimizes collaborative interactions and innovations in chemistry, engineering, and related STEM disciplines for students and researchers.