Grad Student Spotlight – Krishna

Hi, I am Krishna, currently working for Dr. Jenna Jambeck at the Driftmier Engineering Center and pursuing my Masters in Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia. I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2009. My dream to pursue higher education in Environmental Engineering was to contribute to environmental research, and to help make the world a safer place for the future generations.

Here, at Dr. Jambeck’s laboratory in Driftmier Engineering Center, we are currently working on developing semi-continuous microbial fuel cells to treat landfill leachate. Microbial fuel cells are used to treat wastewater/leachate and can produce power simultaneously.  We are using two new electrode materials in our fuel cell. The focus of our research is to build microbial fuel cells with less expensive and highly efficient materials and thereby bringing it closer to real world applications.

The University of Georgia, situated in Athens, is an amazing student town, with a historic past, it is rated as one of the best student towns in the entire United States. It is a perfect place for a student to develop his academic as well as interpersonal skills. In my free time, I play badminton, racquetball at the recreation center or go out with friends to watch the latest movie in town. I am glad to have chosen the right university for my masters program!

After my graduation, with the knowledge I gain through my education, I aim to be a part of a consulting firm and gain experience as a professional in the environmental field.

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