Jenna for webJenna Jambeck, PhD
Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering


Emily Roberts, Masters Student (2019- )

Connor Keisling, Masters Student (2019- )

Jennifer Mathis, PhD Student (2018- )

Amy Brooks, PhD Student (2017- ), 2019 National Geographic Expedition Team Member

Amy Brooks

Taylor Maddalene, PhD Student, Circularity Assessment Protocol (CAP) Coordinator

Sheridan Finder, Masters Student (2020 – )

Research Engineer

Kathryn Youngblood, 2019 National Geographic Expedition Team Member, Citizen Science Manager, Marine Debris Tracker


Emily Barber

Quinn O’Brien

Madison Werner

Morgan Hodgkinson

Post Docs

Steph Borrelle (2018-2020)
Shunli Wang (2016-2019)
Scott Cloutier (2013-2014)

Past Students

Abby Smith, YoungDawg

Cole Howington, CURO

Katherine Shayne, MS: Participatory sensing marine debris : estimates for amounts, types, and distribution using marine debris tracker data (2018)

Eliana C. Mozo Reyes, PhD: Thinking outside the chute : following a rhizome of waste and culture (2017)

Miriam Perryman, MS: Microplastic generation in the marine environment through degradation and fragmentation (2015)

Chad Andrews, MS: Surface water quality assessment of a proposed southwest Georgia lake site (2014)

Jenna Grygier, CURO

Andy Smith, CURO

Eliana C. Mozo-Reyes, MS: Impacts to Public Recycling from Psychological and Technological Stimulus (2012)

Krishnadas Ganesh, MS: Continuous Power Generation and Treatment of Landfill Leachate using Microbial Fuel Cells (2012)

At University of New Hampshire

Dan Hrobak, MS Attenuation of Hydrogen Sulfide from Landfill Gas and Exploration of Construction and Demolition Debris Characteristics and Hydrogen Sulfide Production (2009)

Lisa Damiano, MS Electricity Production from the Management of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate with Microbial Fuel Cells (2009)

Kelly Melendez Loaiza, MS An Investigation of Recycled/Industrial Materials to Attenuate Hydrogen Sulfide Resulting from the Use of Construction and Demolition Debris Fines (2008)

Scott Greenwood, MS An Environmental Characterization of Unbound Mining Residuals from the Tri-state Mining District (2007)