Current Projects

Marine Debris

Marine debris: Scale and impact of trash in ocean ecosystems, a National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) scientific working group. [Principal Investigators: Kara Lavender Law and Steven D. Gaines]

Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI), NOAA, 2010-2013, $253,199


Innovative Waste/Materials Management

An Investigation of Alternative Cover Soils at the Taylor County Landfill, Veolia Environmental Services, 2012-2013, $20,000

Impacts to Public Recycling from Psychological and Technological Stimulus, co-PI with Kyle Johnsen, Environmental Research and Education Foundation, 2011-2012, $67,775

Microbial Fuel Cells: Continued Feasibility to Treat Landfill Leachate, State of Georgia, 2010-2012, $40,000

Development of Smart Recycle Bins and Programs for Small Scale Applications: A Scociotechnological Approach, State of Georgia, 2010-2012, $5,000

Interdisciplinary Research

Educating a New Generation of Multi-Disciplinary Agricultural Specialists: Improving Access to Healthy Food and Supporting Healthy Choices, Key Person with 8 others across UGA, USDA, 2010-2013, $149,931