Innovative Waste/Materials Management

Open air cathode microbial fuel cell treating landfill leachate

The transformation is occurring… One day our waste streams will not be considered “waste.” They will to be thought of as resources and materials. Even materials deposited in landfills can be a resource through beneficial use of landfill gas and operating a landfill as a bioreactor landfill. Alternative forms of landfill leachate treatment can save energy. Safely recycling materials such a mine waste and other industrial materials in construction and transportation projects will be an important form of beneficial use. Dr. Jambeck has investigated beneficial use options for chat mine tailings and has utilized waste materials to remove hydrogen sulfide from landfill gas.

Related Past Projects:

An Investigation of Landfill Gas Generation from Refuse Derived Fuel Residue, Connecticut Valley Sanitary Waste Disposal, Inc. (CVSWD), 2010, $11,640

Microbial Fuel Cells in Landfill Applications, Environmental Research and Education Foundation, 2007-2008, $121,000

Investigation of Conditions to Attenuate Hydrogen Sulfide, Waste Management of Minnesota, 2007-2008, $13,200

Leaching from Mine Wastes, Recycled Materials Resource Center, 2005-2007, $92,000

An Investigation of Recycled Materials to Attenuate Hydrogen Sulfide from the Beneficial use of Construction and Demolition Debris Fines at a Landfill, US EPA, 2007-2008, $75,000