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Our newest app, another collaboration with Dr. Kyle Johnsen and his research group, WeRecycle, is here! UGA Press Release. WeRecycle is a platform to facilitate communication about waste between citizens and and their community. It consists of a community-built map of outdoor and event trash cans and recycle bins and a mobile app (available now on the Android Market!). WeRecycle supports the US EPA’s Recycling on the Go Initiative and allows you to:

1.Find the nearest trash can or recycle bin
2.Log or map trash cans or recycling bins for your community to use
3. Map temporary trash cans and recycle bins for large events (e.g., concerts, meetings, sporting events)
4. Express a need for a trash can or bin at a particular location
5. Hear from citizens who are requesting a public trash or recycle bin

The community based map is beginning at the University of Georgia where all of the trash cans and recycle bins have been logged. WeRecycle is developed by the University of Georgia Faculty of Engineering with funding from the Environmental Research and Education Foundation.

 WeRecycle fits in with EPA’s Seven Priorities for the Future by Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice. By using culturally relevant technology (one that everyone is familiar with) and allowing people to provide instant feedback to their community about trash and recycling, we will empower citizens. While people are participating in recycling and proper waste management, they are going to be less likely to contribute to litter and care more about their communities. It is a small step with potential big impacts while empowerment and ownership grow. This app will appeal to a broad spectrum of users including, but not limited to, citizens, school teachers and students, community planners, solid waste managers, event planners, and sustainability coordinators. 

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