Spring 2011 Semester is here!

Classes have been going (with a slight and rare snow delay) since January 10 at UGA. The Jambeck Research Group is off to an exciting start to the semester. We are working on kicking off the SEA-MDI project further with the formation of the Consortium and rolling out of the Android and iPhone Marine Debris Tracker App and website. They will be presented at the 5IMDC in March in Hawaii.

Krishnadas, working on his masters, is designing a continuous microbial fuel cell using landfill leachate. He is going to evaluate the MFC for leachate treatment from samples of leachate from a near-by landfill.

Eliana, also working on her masters, is working on her smart bin prototype to deploy it for some experiments later this spring and also to showcase at an Office of Sustainability First Friday EATS in March.

The undergraduates and research engineer are working on measuring the mass of all the different marine debris items we have gathered (we could still use more!) to present at 5IMDC in March as well.

Jenna, a new undergraduate member of the group is starting a CURO project with Dr. Jambeck to further study batch MFC treatment of leachate and building stacked cells.

Dr. Jambeck is teaching ENVE 3510 this semester – mostly a statistics course, but also covering modeling and uncertainty. Everyone is happy it is no longer at 8am like it was last year.

We will be instituting a guest blog policy from the various group members so that they can express themselves what they are working on for research in the group. Keep watch for new postings every week.

Welcome back to all the students and welcome to our newest group members. Here is to a happy, healthy, productive semester and year!

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